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These are the courses I teach at Cranbrook-Kingswood. To access course materials, please select that option in the navigation menu.

Computer Science
Prerequisite:  Algebra I concurrently

Computer Science is modeled from Computer Science I, but has minimal homework and covers topics somewhat less in depth. This course provides adequate preparation for the AP computer course, as does Computer Science I. This course meets concurrently with Computer Science I, but meets four times per week. Tests, final examination.

Computer Science I
Prerequisite: Algebra I Concurrently

Although this is an introduction to computer programming, it is a course designed for students who are capable of independent work.  Students learn programming in JavaTM with an emphasis on object-oriented programming (OOP).  Graphics and applets are incorporated extensively.  No previous programming experience is necessary.  The course also studies the impact of computers on society.  A major project may replace the final examination.  Although much of the class time is devoted to working on homework in the computer centers, students should allow some additional time for class preparation.  Homework, tests, final examination.

Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science
Prerequisite: Instructor approval

This advanced level course is designed for the student with a strong interest and ability in computer science. The language Java is used exclusively, although a student need not know the language to enroll. Emphasis is placed on programming theory, rather than on the language. Topics covered include searching and sorting routines, data structures, linked lists, trees, and simulations. Students are expected to take the "AB" level Advanced Placement Examination in Computer Science. Tests, quizzes.