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Rich Lamb (Rich is preferred over Richard, but it really is the same thing, only different) is a teacher of computer programming courses at Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA. To email him, please click the icon above.

I teach Computer Science I, Computer Science (the two courses are essentially the same, but CS I has more meeting days and homework) and Computer Science AP®. (I have also been a reader for the AP.) All the classes are taught in Java.

I am a member of MACUL and I'm active in the SIG CS, the Special Interest Group for Computer Science. I was a founding member of SIGCS, and was its first Director. I was named Director again from 2006 - 2010. I'm also a member of ISTE and was Recorder for the ISTE SIGCS/SIGCT for five years. Right now I'm active in CSTA.

I run the COMCON (Computer Contest) a free monthly programming contest. For details, select COMCON in the navigation menu. (NEW: sample questions & description)

I make frequent presentations at conferences, typically at MACUL and ISTE/NECC. I have a particular interest in the area of computer ethics.
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